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Dental Implant

Dental Implant is a modality of treatment wherein Roots of missing teeth are replaced by Implants fixed in the bone. These Implants can either support Crowns, Bridges or Removable Dentures in the mouth. Oral Implantology has become one of the fastest growing disciplines of dentistry. Most modern implants are made of titanium. Titanium and titanium alloy are well accepted by the jaw bone. The external surface of the implant may be treated by different methods to increase the surface area available for bone cells to grow into.

  • Dental Implants is Titanium Screw(artificial tooth root)
  • Dental Implants becomes base for artificial teeth(crown)
  • Dental Implants life long permanent solution
  • Dental Implants retains natural smile and gums
  • Dental Implants protects adjacent teeth
  • Dental Implants retains healthy bone
  • Dental Implants next best thing to healthy natural teeth.

Dental implants are available in different sizes and shapes like screws, blades and cylinders.the implant dentist selects the most appropriate implant after studying the case.

Why to place Dental Implants?
Missing teeth can be replaced by dentures or bridges. Conventionally fixed replacement of missing teeth was done by Bridges after abrading natural adjacent teeth for support. However, if teeth on either side of the missing tooth space were not present it would not be possible to make a tooth supported bridge and an Implant supported bridge would be the other alternative. Implants need neither gum nor teeth to support them. Implants are placed directly in bone and do not damage surrounding teeth. They function like individual natural teeth. Loose removable dentures can be made firm in the mouth by clipping them over 2 or 4 Implants.

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